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Relocating to Tuscaloosa
27th January 2007
Author: Lou Ross

If you love college football, relocating to Tuscaloosa, Alabama will be heaven for you. The University of Alabama is located here, making it a great college town.

Relocating to Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa is a small sized city that is located in Tuscaloosa County, in the state of Alabama. The population of Tuscaloosa is 77,906, and it is slowly but steadily increasing. Over the last five years, the population of this city has increased by 4.4%. With a land area of just 56.2 square miles, this city is considered to be densely populated (by Alabama standards). After losing about 1.5% of its population in the 1990's, the residents of Tuscaloosa are back on the rise.

One of the items you should consider when relocating to Tuscaloosa is the financial situation of the city. The median yearly household income in Tuscaloosa is just $27,731 lower than the national average by over 10%. The cost of purchasing a house in the city is comparably high, however, with the average price of a house here being $99,600. Over half of Tuscaloosa's residents rent their housing, and the average cost of a month's rental in the city is $375. Perhaps due to the cost of renting or purchasing a home here, many people in the city do not commute to other places to work, and 75% of the workers in Tuscaloosa also live there.

The racial makeup of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is similar to several other cities in the region. 53.5% of the population stated their race as white/non-Hispanic, while 42.7% of the population stated their race as Black. 1.4% of the population stated that they were Hispanic. Only 2.5% of the residents of Tuscaloosa are foreign-born, with most of these coming from Asia and Latin America. 30.9% of the adult residents of the city indicated that they hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher (this is a larger amount than the Alabama state average) and only 38.7% of the adults indicated that they were married at the time of census.

Additional considerations for relocating to Tuscaloosa are the crime rates and climate of the area. Weather-wise, Tuscaloosa, Alabama is not as warm as some other cities in the state. Average high temperatures reach barely to 90F in the summer months, and dip below 30F in the winter. Precipitation in the form of rain is slightly higher than the national average, but only during the spring months, when over six inches of rain can fall monthly. The crime rate in Tuscaloosa is slightly higher than the national average, but is not as high as in some other Alabama cities. On a crime index scale where 325.2 is the national average, Tuscaloosa, Alabama is rated at 489.9.

Tuscaloosa is home to its own regional airport, and there are several other airports and airfields within a 50 mile radius. There are also many colleges and universities located around and in Tuscaloosa. The University of Alabama is located here, as well as two campuses of the Shelton State Community College.

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