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Relocating to Montgomery
27th January 2007
Author: Lou Ross

Montgomery is the capital of the State of Alabama, the home of the state government. If you are thinking about relocating to Montgomery, here is the information you need to know.

Relocating to Montgomery

Montgomery is a medium sized city that is located in Montgomery County, in the state of Alabama. The population of this city is 201,568 crowded into a land area of 155.4 square miles, this creates a high population density (as compared to other cities in the state). Montgomery was the birthplace of famous musician Nat King Cole, as well as the home town of many famous athletes. This is a city full of young people with an ever-changing population.

When thinking of relocating to Montgomery, population statistics can make a difference. The median age of the residents in this city is 32.9 years several years younger than the median age for the rest of the United States. The median yearly household income in the city is $35,627 which is approximately at the national average. Housing is less expensive in Montgomery than it is in other parts of the state of Alabama the average price of purchasing a home in the city is $86,800. Some of the residents here choose to rent their housing, with the average cost of a month's rent in Montgomery being $395.

The racial makeup of Montgomery, Alabama is different than that of most of the nation. 49.6% of the population within the city designated their race as Black, and 47.1% stated their race as white/non-Hispanic. 1.2% of the population stated that they were Hispanic. Most of the people who live in the city also work in the city with 90.8% of the city's workers living within Birmingham. 29.4% of the adult population of the city indicated that they had a Bachelor's Degree or higher, and 47.3% stated that they were married at the time of census.

Crime and climate can also be considerations when relocating to Montgomery, Alabama. The crime rate in Montgomery is not overly high, on a crime rate index where 325.2 is the United States' average, Montgomery scored a 557.8. Average high temperatures in Montgomery should not be a deterrent either here, highs reach to around 90F in the summer months, and average lows go down to 35F in the winter (particularly January). Precipitation in Montgomery is around the US average, with periods of the year deviating from the norm in the spring. Sunshine amount, however, is below the national average.

There are many different colleges and universities located within the city of Montgomery, Alabama. The largest of these is Alabama State University but also located here are Troy State University Montgomery, and Faulkner University. The nearest larger city to Montgomery is located 650.8 miles away Houston, Texas.

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